Your Ultimate Guide to Backyard Garden Decking

September 27, 2022

Decking in the garden is a wonderful addition that can be made to any garden. It has the potential to fulfil several roles, as well as enhance the overall beauty of the garden. However, for the decking to keep its health and condition over time, a species of wood appropriate for the purpose must be chosen. Decking must be constructed from long-lasting materials and resistant to wear and tear, but the wood itself must also be able to withstand the elements it is likely to be subjected to.

What is Backyard Decking For?

Backyard decking not only has the potential to improve the aesthetics of a garden but also serves several other purposes. One of the most common justifications for installing decking in a garden is that it lends to the creation of a warm and inviting ambience in the space, as well as the provision of space for an outdoor seating venue, which is ideal for hosting summer barbecues and other forms of al fresco dining, provided the weather is suitable, of course.

Backyard decking, constructed above the ground, is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a way to level their yards. Decking may be used to create a smooth surface and give the impression that the entire outside space has been finished off much better.

Wood That’s Best for Decking

Because every project is distinct and has various needs that need to be addressed, it is difficult to say that a single species is the “optimal” animal to use for a given application. However, certain species are superior to others, and this is because those species possess a particular set of qualities and attributes.

The species must be long-lasting and resistant to wear since people may continually walk on the decking in various weather situations. This will prevent the health and look of the wood from rapidly deteriorating. It is also very important that the kind of lumber you select for your decking can withstand the weather conditions it will be subjected to most of the time. For instance, if it is probable that your decking will spend a lot of time in the sun, the kind of wood that you select should have a high level of resistance to the effects of ultraviolet light.

Wood Decking Treatment and Maintenance

Protecting your decking with appropriate treatment is something we strongly recommend doing if you want it to continue to be sturdy and in good health. When applied to decking in an above-ground application, a water-based preservative that guarantees against insect infestation and fungal deterioration is an excellent example of a finish that may be applied to the material. In addition, it maintains the natural colour of the wood for a longer period than comparable products do and continues to enrich itself over time. This feature is especially helpful in situations in which the overall aesthetic of your garden is crucial.

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