Timber Structures

Tuckerman Landscaping & Design we are proud to provide the very best timber decking in Melbourne. We are expert deck builders and we work for you. We listen to your needs and apply our experience and hands-on know-how to come up with high quality, creative solutions.

Backyard decking is an excellent way to extend space in a cost effective way. Enjoy family meals and entertaining guests in the warmer months of the year, as well as getting outdoors and utilising the space of your property. In comparison to other space extension options, timber decking is a low-cost solution and, depending on your design preferences, can be built in a relatively quick and durable fashion.

Consult with us about the versatile options available. No matter the size of your backyard, we can design the perfect timber decking to complement it. Your design can be simplistic and practical or bold and creative – stamp your style with a unique approach. You can be as low-tech as possible or extravagant and multifunctional, depending on your specific preferences and requirements.

At Tuckerman Landscaping & Design we’ve built our reputation around providing outstanding quality work and excellent communication with our customers. We are always pushing to exceed your expectations and deliver the very best in outdoor design. If you’re looking for the best deck builders in Melbourne, look no further.

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Water Features

Tuckerman Landscaping and Design have years of dedicated experience installing water features across Melbourne. A water feature is an ideal way to transform your backyard into a tranquil, aesthetically pleasing outdoor area – ideal for entertaining family and friends or simply taking advantage of the peaceful, relaxing sounds of nature.

A bold or elegant feature design can act as a striking centrepiece for your backyard and make an instant impression on guests. They are an excellent opportunity to choose a unique design that makes a statement about your style and your home.

Unlike a pool or spa, very little maintenance is required, so you are free to kick back and relax. There are many benefits to owning a water feature. First and foremost, they promote a clean and healthy lifestyle. They are great for the environment, birds and other small animals that can provide great entertainment if you have a young family. Last but not least, they can be adapted to almost any backyard. Many people are put off the idea because they think they don’t have enough space, but there are so many sizes and styles of designs to choose from that you are sure to find a suitable match for any area.


Planting Concepts

Landscaping with native and exotic plants with a range of colours, sizes, forms and textures through a chain of nursery suppliers across Victoria and Australia.

Installing an irrigation system to your landscaped designed garden will save you time and ensure plants are watered efficiently, especially in hotter and drier seasons.

Irrigation controllers are now being controlled by phone apps and with the internet that work out when to water by themselves.

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Installing lighting to illuminate your garden and highlight features that will enhance the aesthetic look of your outdoor area.

  •  24 volt systems
  •  A variety of LED outdoor lights that are energy efficient
  • Smart control options available with timers controlled from app on phone


Stonework and Walling

  • Dry stone walls with Wistow Castlemaine spalls.
  • Besser blocks and brick walls can be rendered.
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Pool Landscaping

Tuckerman Landscaping & Design are your experts in pool landscaping in Melbourne and have years of experience in delivering customers’ high quality, beautifully crafted outdoor areas. When you want a job done right, it’s important to choose a team with knowledge, creativity and hands-on know-how.

Adding a pool to your backyard is an excellent way to instantly transform the overall look and design of your property and make a strong centrepiece. There are so many innovative ways to design your yard around a pool. Depending on the size of your space, you may not even have to make it a centrepiece; it may just be a strong addition to a larger entertaining area.

The benefits of buying a pool and crafting an environment around it are plentiful. It is ideal for entertaining family and friends, especially in summer.



For the very best paving in Melbourne you can trust Tuckerman Landscaping & Design to get the job done right in a high quality fashion. We are Melbourne paving contractors with years of experience installing pavers to a variety of satisfied customers.

The benefits of pavers include:

  • Safety: paving can be an ideal non-slip surface for your backyard, which is particularly useful around a swimming pool or just in general use because children will just race around without a care for wet or slippery surfaces.
  • Weather resistant: enjoy extreme durability across all weather conditions. If you live in Melbourne you know that a matter of hours can dish up all four seasons.
  • Longevity: concrete will generally crack over time, especially near wet surfaces like pools. Pavers are a tougher, more reliable solution.
  • Low maintenance: sweeping and the occasional rinse is all that is required.
  • Versatility: there are an enormous range of colours, styles and unique designs to choose from, so you have a lot of scope to turn your backyard dream into a reality.
  • Home entertainment: they are a great way to open up your backyard for entertaining. Turn those unused, grassy areas into outdoor living spaces.
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