Transform Your Outdoor Space with These Fabulous Landscape Design Ideas

November 4, 2019

People say that home is where the heart is. Some would normally interpret such a phrase in various ways, but the one most often heard is that a home reflects the personality of those who live in it. One of the facets of a home that is normally seen is the outdoor space. The exterior of your home contributes greatly to the overall look of your area. Luckily, you can easily transform your outdoor space with these fabulous landscape design ideas.

Lawn Shaping

More often than not, the lawn area constitutes the largest part of your outdoor space. If shaped well, it would be aesthetically pleasing in its entirety. Most people would prefer its most basic shape, which is a rectangle. But you can definitely try to innovate and opt for a different one – oval, circle, square, or oblong.

Colours and Patterns

The colours and patterns of your pavement and walkway will set the tone for the overall appearance of your outside space. For instance, if you opt for a more modern contemporary vibe, then you can use black and silver colours as the base for your pavement and walkway. You can have sleek and regular patterns to match this one. However, if you want an outdoor space with a more country aura, you can use white golden stones or grey and white stones with random and mixed patterns for English and French themes respectively.

Matching Plants

Now that you have your pavements and walkways figured out, you can proceed to organising your plants. These plants should definitely match the colours and patterns that you chose for your outdoor space. Remember to be really keen on the details of your outdoor space. Make sure that they look good together. For instance, if you have grey and white pavement and walkways for a more French look, then you should have purple and white flowers. On one hand, if you have white golden pavement for an English look, you should have pink, lavender and chalk yellow flowers. These plants have softer hues that complement deeply with the pavement. On the other, if you have a modern contemporary look for your pavement and walkway, then you should use flowers with strong colours such as red, orange and stark yellow.

Additional Elements

You can never go wrong with adding a few decorations to make your outdoor space look better. You can install a string of fairy lights or lanterns to create a garden path. These lights will add character to your outside space. Aside from that, you can also add build fences and walls so that you can accommodate plants that grow in an upward direction. You can also utilise more space by purchasing hanging baskets for aerial plants. If you want more information on how to transform your outdoor space with fabulous landscape design ideas, consult Tuckerman Landscaping and Design. We are expert in delivering high quality, beautifully crafted outdoor areas for our customers. In considering what is best for your outdoor space, you need a team with knowledge, creativity and hands-on know-how to get the job done right.

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