Transform your Backyard into an Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoor Area by Adding Water Features

January 14, 2020

Water generally symbolises wealth and abundance when used as a garden feature. This is the common reason why most homeowners chose to incorporate water features into their backyard. However, water details can go beyond attracting luck and money, it can also transform your outdoor living space into an aesthetically pleasing backyard. Below are some ideas on how you can do so.

River Design

Some people think that a river design will not be appropriate for backyards with limited space. However, you can utilise the space – no matter the size – if you just get creative with what you have. You can simply install a wall in one corner of your backyard and create a makeshift garden river that is both visually calming and fortuitous.

Simple Fountains

Fountains in your backyard are both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing. The graceful sight and sound of waterfalls can have a calming effect on homeowners and guests alike. Many people have claimed to feel a certain therapeutic effect just by simply looking at garden fountains.

Tranquil Ponds

Ponds don’t have to be oval or circular in shape. These long moat-like ponds provide a unique border to your landscape design and also provide a peaceful flow during your evening garden walks. The addition of fish to any pond is also an enjoyment to watch.

Lake Effect

Since you are already placing a makeshift body of water in your garden, why not spice things up and make your own lake. You can do so by making your pond a little bit larger with a landscaping overhaul. Turn your muddy banks into an enjoyable overlook that can be enjoyed year-round. Not only does the addition of rocks to a bank provide stability to the soil, but it also helps with erosion and keeps the water from becoming silty.

Stacked Rocks

Stacked rocks are a unique way to present a water feature either with a pond or as a disappearing waterfall. This popular way to add both height and interest can be easily created with landscaping rock either by drilling holes for fountain tubing or with careful tubing placement within amongst the rocks.

Pretty Bridges

There is no river requirement in order to incorporate a bridge into your landscape design. This simple pond provides enough of a hint of a meandering river and gives the perfect foreground to show off and reflect the scrolling detail of this ornate walkway.


A raised fire pit provides the perfect place for your guest to kick back and relax around each evening to the gentle falls of a simple water wall. Water and fire go well together when combined in such a space, and evening lighting is also easily reflected for night time ambiance.

If you are opting to install water features in your backyard, consult Tuckerman Landscaping & Design. We are known to provide outstanding quality work and excellent communication with our customers.

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