Top Three Material Considerations for Your Backyard Paving

April 13, 2021

You want your home and property to look attractive. This includes your backyard. It may be one of the first things people notice as they approach your house. A paved backyard looks nice and will not damage your vehicles. There are several types of material you can choose to pave your backyard. Here are the top three material considerations for your backyard paving.


If you are on a budget, concrete may be the best material to pave your backyard. It costs less than clay or natural stone. You may be able to choose your concrete pavers from a variety of colours and styles. Concrete is durable and can handle heavy loads. You may want to choose concrete if you will be parking a motor home or a caravan on your backyard. Concrete backyards do not require much maintenance, but you should periodically clean the backyard. You can use a stiff brush and a hose to do this. If you use a concrete sealer on the backyard annually, you can keep it in good condition. A concrete backyard that is properly maintained may last for 25 years.


If you decide to have your backyard paved with clay, the clay pavers may look like bricks. One advantage of a clay backyard is that it is easy to fix. If one paver becomes damaged, you can simply replace one paver instead of the whole backyard. The colour on the pavers will not fade, and they do not need to be sealed. A clay backyard may cost more than a concrete backyard initially. However, a clay backyard requires less maintenance. A clay backyard is unlikely to crack because the pavers will adjust to movement of the earth beneath the backyard.

Natural Stone

If you decide to have your backyard paved with natural stone, you have several options. Bluestone and slate are durable stones that can stand up under the weight of vehicles. Granite is another durable natural stone that can be used for backyard paving. It comes in a variety of light and dark colours. You may be able to choose a colour that matches the colour of your home. The variations of colours in natural stone will help hide marks and stains on the backyard. If one stone in the backyard is damaged, it can easily be replaced.

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