Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas for Your Relaxing Outdoor Sanctuary

April 8, 2022

A backyard swimming pool is a relaxing way to spend your time and beat the summer heat in Melbourne. With proper landscaping, you can transform your swimming pool into a relaxing sanctuary from the rest of the world. Now, Melbourne residents have many new ideas to help transform their backyards into the perfect place for enjoying a quiet afternoon. Here are a few of the most popular trends in pool landscaping and design this year.

1. Low Water and Low Maintenance

If gardening is not your passion, then low water and low maintenance landscape might be a perfect solution. Many plants can handle rocky and dry conditions. They are perfect for creating a low-maintenance, Mediterranean-style, or rustic courtyard around your pool.

2. Tropical Paradise

Perhaps a minimalist, low maintenance approach is not your style. Maybe you like spaces filled with creeping plants and greenery all around. You can transform your backyard space into a paradise with plenty of greenery and flowering plants that are chosen to thrive in your climate and setting. You might want to add a fire element for those warm summer nights with a few friends.

3. Formal Hedges

A few formal hedges around your pool with perfect grass spaces in between give your Melbourne home a high-end look. You can add classic elements, like topiaries, to create a space that adds elegance and beauty to your pool landscaping design. Every summer day can feel like a vacation escape.

4. Paver Paths

Paver paths and hardscape areas give you almost endless possibilities when it comes to designing the perfect space for entertaining. You can enjoy a chiminea, fire pit, or enjoy a little container gardening. The best part is with pavers, you can choose a formal look, a more rustic look, or something in between.

5. Asian-Fusion

Adding elements of a Japanese Zen garden or Asian-themed space is another popular trend in Melbourne homes. You can add a little or create a space that takes you away to another place in time. Water is an important element in Japanese garden design, and your pool makes the perfect centrepiece for this style.

6. Mix and Match

The best part is that you do not have to stick to one style. If your style includes formal pavers and the lush tropical garden surrounding the edges, you can have it. An experienced contractor can help you create the perfect landscape for your lifestyle and what you like to do in this space.

Tuckerman Landscaping & Design has been creating beautiful poolscapes for residents in North Coburg, and surrounding areas, for many years. Much of our business comes from referrals and happy clients in the area. We are committed to creating the perfect space to enjoy your Melbourne home. We are licensed, insured, and our founder is a member of the Master Builder’s Association. Contact us so that one of our team can meet with you and discuss your backyard pool dreams.

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