Sir Walter Lawn Turf: Weed Removal Tips and Herbicide Treatment – Part 2

March 9, 2023

Sir Walter turf is largely recognised as the most popular lawn in Australia. It tolerates shade and dryness, is resistant to weeds and damage, and requires little maintenance. It’s an excellent choice for any backyard, especially if you have children or dogs! On the other hand, weeds may be sneaky, even on Sir Walter’s healthy grass! They may infiltrate even the tiniest gap in your lawn care routine, creating discomfort and stress. So, if you have weeds in Sir Walter turf, keep reading because we have a solution for you.

Sir Walter Turf Weeds

Sir Walter’s DNA certification ensures it is free of weeds, bugs, and exotic grasses. Sir Walter grass is inherently resistant to weeds. And this is due to its unique capacity to choke the growth of weeds when it is healthy and prospering. However, weeds can still take root and shoot through if your turf care regimen has been inconsistent.

The following are the most frequent weeds in Sir Walter lawns:

  • Nut grass dubbed the “worst weed in the world,” is a kind of grass that grows in the soil. We’ve published a page about getting rid of nut grass because it’s so pernicious.
  • Bindii may be especially troublesome if you have youngsters roaming around with bare feet. Bindiis is a perennial weed that blooms in the autumn and winter and seeds in the spring and summer. The seeds are the ‘prickle’ sensation felt when walking barefoot.
  • Clover, which is usually found throughout the winter and early spring.
  • Paspalum, which usually germinates in the summer.

Weed Treatment Alternatives

If weeds get into your Sir Walter grass, the following are the recommended treatments:

Removed By Hand Or Using A Hoe

Pull the weeds out by hand (while wearing gloves) or dig them out with a hoe to permanently eradicate them. This method works especially effectively if you have a tiny patch of weeds in your yard.

Herbicides For The Control Of Weeds

Use an appropriate herbicide to spot-spray the weeds and follow the package directions. This is the best solution if weeds have taken over a considerable area of your lawn. There is a wide variety of herbicides on the market, some of which are non-selective and will destroy practically anything they come into contact with. These products, or any other products based on glysophate, are not appropriate for use on any established lawn, including Sir Walter.

A selective herbicide containing the active ingredients of bromoxynil and MCPA will be necessary for use on Sir Walter DNA Certified lawns and other brands for the treatment to be effective. Do not use any lawn weed herbicide that you find on the shelf since most products that include active ingredients like bentazone, mecoprop, or dicamba are meant for couch-type lawns and are not appropriate for use on other types of lawns.

Sempra is one of the few treatments that efficiently eliminates the annoying Nutgrass weed or Cyperus rotundas. Both of these weeds belong to the same genus, Cyperus. Nutgrass is the only target of Sempra’s selective killing action across all lawn species, including buffalos like Sir Walter.

Get in touch with us right away for advice on diagnosing and treatment techniques.

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