Pros and Cons of Using Timber for Backyard Decking

September 28, 2020

Backyard decks are normally used as a space and a holding area to accommodate and entertain guests and visitors. Aside from that, it also acts as a lounge for relaxation while you rest outdoors sipping your lemonade and reading a book. 

Ideally, backyard decks are supposed to utilise your outdoor space in the best way possible. In order to do such, you have to ensure that the layout, design, and details do not compromise the functionality of your backyard deck. And one way of making the best out of your backyard is by incorporating timber in your decking.

Using timber decking increases your living space without the hassle of building and installing an additional house feature. You can easily hold barbecue gatherings without worrying about cramped space. Aside from that, you can freely enjoy relaxing with your favourite beverages while you entertain guests outdoors, taking the cool or warm fresh air. Below are the pros and cons of using timber for backyard decking.

Timber Decking Has Multiple Varieties

Backyard timber decking is manufactured using a wide variety of hard and soft wood species, depending on the desired appearance and properties of the finished structure. Some of the hardwood species often used includes cedar, teak, and ipe, while its softwood counterparts are either pine or ire. Both species have their own specialties that can be appropriated to your needs and preferences.

Timber Decking is Moisture Resistant and Durable

Hardwood timbers are said to be mould and moisture resistant. This is significantly useful especially in backyard decking since outdoor features are commonly susceptible to external elements. If you decide to build a backyard timber decking, then you would not worry about its deterioration due to rain and dew drops since it is extremely durable. The use of timber definitely guarantees a longer lasting backyard decking. You would not worry much about repair and replacement costs since it is durable and low-maintenance. You can easily sand down and reseal timber decking when necessary because they don’t require staining to provide a great natural appearance.

Timber Decking is Aesthetically Pleasing

Both hardwood and softwood species of timber offer their own aesthetic value. Hardwood timbers have a rich and natural colouring in its material. This goes to show that stains and sealants are no longer necessary to create a visually appealing coating. Softwood, on the other hand, has natural knots and flaws that resemble drawn designs that are lovely on a backyard timber decking. For the best backyard timber decking, consult Tuckerman Landscaping and Design. We pride upon our ability to provide the very best timber decking in Melbourne. We are expert deck builders and we work for you. We listen to your needs and apply our experience and hands-on know-how to come up with high quality, creative solutions.

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