Professional Lighting Tips for Your Landscaping Project

February 7, 2020

Your landscaping project will significantly improve with the right lighting. It enhances not only the beauty and curb appeal but also the safety of your home garden, walkway and entrance areas. However, there are certain instances wherein your lighting is not compatible with the overall aesthetic of your landscaping project. Below are professional lighting tips for your landscaping project.


Positioning the light close to an interesting surface can bring out the texture of tree bark, a masonry wall, wood shingles or an attractive door. Grazing of smooth surfaces is not usually recommended.


Light the object from the front and below to project intriguing shadows on the wall or other vertical surfaces.


When you conceal lights behind and below a tress or bush, you achieve that same wondrous effect as seeing it on a ridge silhouetted against the sky at dusk.

Pool and Fountain Lighting

Underwater lighting creates dramatic effects in pools and at fountains. Install a dimmer for turning lights up to add excitement. Water may be used as a mirror by lighting the area behind the reflecting surface.

Down-lighting or Area Lighting

If you mount lighting units high up in trees or on the house, it will cast broad illumination over wide areas. Landscape flood lighting enables you to entertain in your backyard or outdoor area after dark, and does double duty for security and safety. For highlighting flower beds, paths or steps, the down-light is positioned close to the ground.

Outdoor Grill with Lighting

An outdoor cooking area or grill is accented with appropriate outdoor lighting for a complete look.

Cross Lighting

Illuminating a tree or statue from two or more sides reveals the three-dimensional form in a striking perspective.


Lights aimed upwards create a highly dramatic effect similar to that of a theatre. Use it with interesting trees, a statue or textured wall surfaces. Autumn leaves or swirling snow provide spectacular views. Focus the light on the key plants or objects in your yard.

Spread or Diffused Lighting

Where you require circular patterns of light on flower beds, larger shrubbery or ground cover, spread out lights cover a wider area with low-level illumination. Some units cast softly diffused lighting for patios, decks, driveways and pathways. Wall brackets provide a similar lighting function. The path or flower bed should be more illuminated than the actual fixture.


Moonlighting is like down lighting but using soft light sources positioned very high up. This technique simulates the lovely effect of moonlight filtering through branches, casting attractive shadow patterns.

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