Positive Reasons Why Water Features Must Be A Part of Your Landscape

March 29, 2022

If your landscape needs a refresh, adding a water feature can be an excellent way to give it an update. The sound of trickling water adds a sense of calm and movement to the yard. A water feature adds beauty, but there are many other reasons why you should consider adding one that goes beyond aesthetics.

Attract Wildlife

One of the best reasons to build a water feature in your landscape is that it attracts birds, frogs, and other wildlife. If you include a water feature in a butterfly garden, the area will be more attractive to them, too. One of the reasons why you might want to attract birds and frogs to your backyard is that they often eat pests that we don’t want near our property. They are also a delight to watch and add their own sense of calm to the space.

Trickling Water is Soothing

Trickling water is soothing and calming, according to research. Therapists use the sound of trickling water to relieve stress in their patients. Many believe that it is because it is similar to the sounds that babies hear in the womb. You can find many videos and tapes to help you sleep that feature trickling water. Sitting beside your own water feature after a day of work is an excellent way to unwind and relax.

Greater Variety of Plants

Another reason to include a water feature in your landscape is that you have a greater variety of plants that you can choose from. Many water plants require moving water and cannot live in water that is stagnant or sitting still. Adding a moving water feature means that you can create an area that features unique species and has a personal touch. You can also set up an ecosystem and add fish for a self-sustaining microenvironment.

Low Maintenance

Water features are low maintenance, and many of the pumps continually cycle the water throughout the pond. If you add plants to the feature, they will filter the water and keep it from developing a foul odour. Water quality is not as important as it would be for a pool or spa, and once they are installed, most water features are maintenance-free and take care of themselves.

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