Maximise Your Small Space with Amazing Landscaping Styles and Ideas

February 24, 2022

Seven Magical Design Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space into a Magical Wonderland

You open your sliding glass door to take a look at your outdoor space. And “WHAM!” you are faced with that hard brick or cinderblock wall. It kind of makes you feel like you are in prison, doesn’t it?

Small outdoor spaces have always been a challenge. What do you do? Store your brooms extra paint and make it into a junk heap. It is what most people do. But you don’t have to. You can make even a tiny outdoor space into a fabulous landscaped area where you will love to sit outside and daydream, working, reading, or enjoying your coffee for a few minutes of your day.

So how do you transform your ugly outdoor area into a paradise worthy of any fairytale story? Here are seven magical tips for converting your outdoor space into a space worthy of a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Go Bold

Remember the saying, “Big things come in small packages.” This is just the place to make this statement true. Go bold with design and colour. Use brightly coloured large flowering plants—accent areas with unexpected and fun elements. Viewers are drawn to the colour, and psychologically, the viewer will see the space as more significant.

Create Subdivisions

Create small divisions. They make the landscaping seem bigger. Create squares or circles to house different groups of plants. You could create a Japanese garden in one corner and then a raised deck or a garden bed in the middle and a lower bed towards the opposite corner. When you create various things, you create an illusion (like Alice in Wonderland) of a larger space.

Focus the Viewer’s Attention

Small spaces need a focal point, which distracts the eye and keeps it from realizing there is such a small outdoor space. A fountain, a pergola, or an arbour is a great way to do this.

Become a Magician

Play with perception in small areas to get the most out of your landscaping efforts. Use lines for plants to make a space seem longer. Go vertical with vegetation. Use tall trees to create height.

Use The Smallness to Make It intimate

Create the idea of space when there isn’t any, but you can also use its very smallness to make it intimate. Create a small sanctuary where you can screen out the outside world. Use bamboo to create a small reading nook, add a daybed and surround it all with your favourite plants and a water feature or two.

Waste not, Want not

Don’t waste any of the space.

The backyard is small, so you shouldn’t have even a centimetre of dead space. Use it for plant creepers, vertical herb gardens, and works of art. Get creative. Don’t leave a single element untouched or incomplete.

Work a little at a time, but keep working. Your neighbours with big yards will have garden envy before you know it.

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