Making Your Swimming Pool Sustainable through LED Outdoor Lights Installation

May 10, 2021

Swimming pools are one of the most notable features that can be added to home properties. With these pools, family members and friends can spend their time relaxing together. These pools can even bring comfort to those who just want to have a good swim after working for long hours.

Aside from these common benefits, pools can likewise enhance the overall value of properties, especially if they boast designs and features that can be both valuable and functional. They can feature some special types of tiles to make them durable and long-lasting. The surrounding area can even have some added furniture pieces so that people can relax and sit down before or after swimming. One more great addition to pools is lighting, which can be very helpful and practical when using them at night.

There are a lot of lighting options for swimming pools that property owners like you can choose from. But one great option that can make your pool sustainable and energy-efficient is light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. LED outdoor lights are great for your pool due to their following benefits.

Great Appearance

One of the most notable features of LED outdoor lights that other types of light do not have is their appearance. LED outdoor lights usually have brighter and more vibrant colours than other lighting options, allowing your pool to look more appealing and livelier at night. In some cases, the colour and behaviour of these lights can be controlled and programmed, allowing you to fully customise the way your pool looks and appear on your property.

Energy Efficient

One popular benefit of LED outdoor lights is that they can conserve tons of energy. While these lights can be expensive upfront compared to other types of lights, they can generally save a lot more energy and money in the long run. Normally, other types of lights run from 300 to 500 watts. LED outdoor lights, alternatively, only require as little as 42 watts. With this value, LED outdoor lights can operate for a long time without expecting any dramatic increase in power consumption.

Reliable Strength

Another great benefit of LED outdoor lights is that they are durable and strong. Since pool lights will be installed outdoors, they must feature materials that can resist weather elements such as heat, rain, and others. Even the force of wind must be considered when picking the best lights for your pool. Fortunately, LED outdoor lights can resist all these elements as they are mostly made from durable materials. They are even expected to work continuously even if the outdoor temperature changes regularly.

Long Lifespan

Given the ability of LED outdoor lights to resist elements, they are also known to have a long and incredible lifespan. Traditional light fittings typically have to be changed for a couple of months. LED lights, on the other hand, can last over 50,000 hours, which are already plenty considering that they typically operate throughout the night. LED outdoor lights allow your pool to have a consistent lighting source for many years, which consequently help you save in terms of overall expenses.

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