Landscaping and Garden Design Ideas for Small Spaces

June 11, 2020

One of the most common misconceptions about landscaping and garden design is the notion that your outdoor area must be spacious and big. This could not be further from the truth. With the right positioning and space-saving approach, you could enjoy your exterior living space just as much as someone with a larger outdoor area. Below are landscaping and garden design ideas for small spaces.

Ensure Comfortable Lounge Spaces

For many, the main function of landscaping and garden design is for homeowners to have a cosy place for rest and relaxation. This function does not mean you have to a large space. You can easily maximise the area you have by creating specific zones solely for reading or lounging. Similarly, you could also install fences so you could divide and section off your property so as not to overlap their specifications.

Create Optical Illusions

It is true that there our eyes could trick us at certain times. In fact, such tricks are often used to make spaces bigger than they actually are. One way of applying these in landscaping and garden design is by creating long and straight lines. You can discreetly slant the far end of the lines towards each other and create a focal point. A focal point is a great small yard landscaping idea to draw the eye’s attention and help outdoor spaces feel tidy. Then you have to section it off with fences and plant rows of flowers in a repetitive manner.

In line with this, plants must always be kept in a vertical manner. It significantly helps your small garden landscape feel bigger. Espaliering is one trick that looks complicated, but is actually easier than you think, and elegant, too. Use it to dress up a plain shed or house wall in a small backyard.

Incorporate Bold and Bright Designs Incorporate bold and bright colours in the front space of where you’ll easily spot them. This is because once they catch your attention first, the rest of the small garden landscape beyond will seem to recede, helping it to feel larger. Aside from that, it is also a good recommendation to mix up unexpected elements that offer dramatic visual relief. You could make use of paving materials, lawn, hardscape, and container plantings adds enough interest to a small back yard garden that you hardly notice the landscape’s size. Similarly, big and bold tropical plants create a lush feel, especially in a small landscape. Because they have large leaves, the eyes would spot them easily consequently changing the scale of a small backyard to help it feel larger, and their unusual shape helps to boost the cooling factor of the area.

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