Improve Your Planting Concepts with Irrigation Controllers

May 12, 2020

When it comes to improving your planting concepts in landscaping, it is important to consider smart irrigation systems. Experts have proved that these tools have their respective environmental, sustainable and water-saving benefits. Below are ways on how you can improve your planting concepts with irrigation controllers.

Irrigation Controllers Basics

In simple terms, irrigation controllers work by pulling in weather data into the controller and adjusting the controller, much like a thermostat on a heating and air conditioning system. Instead of having a basic, time-based program that will run regardless of what the weather is doing, systems like these will adjust the time and days it will run according to the demand or need of irrigation based on the weather.

Many components make up an irrigation system, parallel to smart irrigation controllers, there has also been a push on high-efficiency nozzles. These nozzles play into what’s called the distribution of uniformity (DU), which describes how evenly water is distributed from the sprinkler nozzle to its furthest distance of throw. Mann says the significant advancements that have taken place with DU have improved the efficiency of the irrigation system.

Irrigation Controllers are Convenient and Cost-Effective

First, the convenience and ease systems like these offer by giving users the mobile control option. The second benefit these systems bring is the ability to use smart scheduling that adjusts to the weather, which he says can ultimately save customers money on their water bills.

Irrigation Controllers are Efficient and Reliable

Irrigation controllers connect to the internet to receive dynamic schedule updates that automatically adjust to changing weather data, tailor watering to the specific needs of each yard and automatically optimise watering for efficiency.

Irrigation Controllers are a Sustainable Option

As the cost of water went up and as people have become more aware of water usage, the desire to use the appropriate amount of water is what really has driven this. A lot of it also is in combination with more of the green movement in general. So, irrigation has kind of ridden the coattails of that, as far as people wanting to do the right thing with using water. Many cities, states and water purveyors now mandate that irrigation systems meet a certain level of efficiency. Location is a key player when gauging how popular the use of smart irrigation controllers.

One of the challenges with irrigation is, traditionally, you had to be in front of the controller in order to know if there’s anything going on. But now with phone apps and other things, you have remote access to it wherever you are. So, people are way more in touch with what’s happening with the irrigation system.

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