How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Home Garden in North Coburg

May 12, 2022

Selecting the right plants for your home garden is essential for their healthy growth, maturity and longevity. Plants benefit the environment by providing oxygen, and they also add natural aesthetic beauty to your home property. By giving them excellent care, you can enjoy healthy, attractive plants throughout the year.

Planning a Beautiful and Healthy Home Garden in North Coburg

There are several important factors to consider when choosing ideal plants for your North Coburg home garden, including the following:

1. General Environment.
Before you select plants for your home garden, know what types of plants are best suited for your local environment and climate. The soil type in your area is also quite important to consider. You want to ensure that the plants that you choose normally thrive in your locale and natural setting.

2. Plant Shapes and Sizes.
Do some research about the size and shape of plants that you like when they are mature. Be aware that bushes and saplings can require a considerably larger space than you may think as they grow toward maturity. Rose bushes and some other flowering plants also spread out as they grow and flower. In addition, some plants have root systems that spread out extensively as they grow.

3. Heat Stress Protection. During warm weather, you need to protect your plants from heat stress. For this purpose, you need to position your home garden near shade trees or a retractable awning. Large shade trees also enhance your garden sitting areas, creating a cool and relaxing outdoor area to sit and relax with family and friends.

4. Normal Flowering Time. To ensure that your home garden will display radiant, colourful flowers throughout the year, make a plant calendar. This will remind you of the plants that will be in full bloom during different seasons. If you want to include green plants that provide beauty during all seasons of the year, choose your favourite evergreens.

5. Maintenance Requirements. Various plant species need different amounts of sun and water for healthy growth. Some also need more pruning or trimming than others. If you know that you have only limited time to care for your garden, it is best to select low-maintenance plants.

6. Disease Resistance. Some plants are more resistant to developing diseases and parasites than others. To avoid the development of these problems in your garden, learn about plants that are known to have a significantly high resistance to these maladies and harmful conditions.

Recommended Plants for a Healthy Garden in Victoria

Plants that are recommended for growing in gardens throughout Victoria include beautiful flowering plants like daffodils, freesia, jonquils, anemone, tulips, crocus, hyacinth and native dalostemma. Additional choices for creating a diversified and colourful garden display are pansies, primrose, viola, polyanthus and cineraria.

You may also want to include some native Australian plants in your garden, such as bottlebrush, correa, banksia or lilly-pilly. The ideal planting time in North Coburg is autumn through the end of the spring season.

By consulting our experts at Tuckerman Landscaping and Design located in North Coburg, you can obtain professional advice about choosing the right plants for your home garden in the North Coburg area. Our excellent team will guide you in selecting the ideal beautiful plants to ensure a healthy, thriving garden on your home property this year.

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