Garden Water Features: The Best Outdoor Retreat for Personal Peace and Tranquility

April 7, 2020

Outdoor living areas are commonly a spot for comfort and relaxation. Most homeowners who give much effort to their outdoors would tell you that the reason they do so is because they hope to achieve the ultimate Zen experience. One of the ways you can experience such is by landscaping your garden. Gardens are intended to be one of the finest spot where you and your family can relax and take pleasure in the true beauty mother nature has to offer. The serene and scenic foliage, the wonderful colours of beautiful blossoms, the sweet smelling morning breeze, the joyful chirping of backyard birds, all come together forming a perfectly balanced environment.

However, what most people don’t know is that garden water features will significantly make your garden even better. In fact, they can be your best outdoor retreat for personal peace and tranquillity.

Garden Water Features Are Aesthetically and Acoustically Pleasing

Garden or backyard water features had long been recognised by landscaping experts to have its own distinctive force that is able to augment the aesthetical value of any outdoor garden. Since the ancient times, many cultures all around the world had harness the power of these amazing features to be incorporated into their garden design. The sound of flowing water not only can eliminate other evident and abrasive noises, but it also can bring the sense of tranquillity and calmness to the mind and soul, transforming your garden into a soothing and relaxing outdoor haven.

Garden Water Features Have Various Themes

Perhaps you can start by choosing a theme for your water feature. Among the most popular themes are Japanese Koi ponds, Balinese water garden, English garden fountains, Riviera and Mediterranean water gardens, and the list goes on. Should your existing garden already has its theme, make sure that your new water feature and the other elements surrounding it blend together with or carry elements that reflects the theme.

Garden Water Features Vary in Forms, Designs and Materials

Garden water features such as fountains and waterfalls come in myriads different forms, designs and also the materials they are made of. Garden and backyard fountains can come in the form of multi-tiered fountains, barrel fountains, pond fountains and wall fountains. Pond fountains acquire larger space. They are often mechanically programmed so that the water is sprayed in several different patterns. Wall fountains on the other hand produce lower water sprays and perfect for small spaces such as a balcony of an apartment or condo. Stone, cast iron, copper and concrete fountains are some of the popular ones.

Garden Water Features Complement Existing Garden Details

If you already have an existing pond in your garden, you may want to build a waterfall to complete the whole ensemble. Garden and backyard waterfalls often carry a more dramatic look and effect to your yard. Cascading waterfall is perhaps a definite favourite as this design features water falling from stone to stone at several different levels before falling into the catchment pond. The new waterfall can be constructed at a pre-existing slope or if none is available, you may have to create an artificial slope for your waterfall. You may also want to create a mini stream by digging a trough into the slope to make way for the water flow. Modern artificial fibreglass waterfalls have the appearance of natural stone. They are light thus making setting up easier and more economical. Cast stone waterfalls are much heavier but have a much more realistic look of carved, natural stone.

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