Garden Hardscaping with Dry Stonewalls

October 11, 2022

Dry stonewalls have been built for thousands of years, and if constructed correctly, they will give the impression that they have been standing for at least that long. However, constructing a dry stonewall is a skill anybody can acquire.

Let us lead you through the procedures of adding dry stonewalls if you want to build something beautiful and permanent and if you want to determine whether a dry stonewall is an appropriate feature for your environment.

What Exactly Is a Dry Stonewall?

Dry stone is used in constructing these walls, which is exactly what one should expect, given the structure’s name. No mortar is used in the construction of the building; instead, the structure’s strength and stability come entirely from the strategic arrangement of the stones.

Building with Dry Stones

Dry stonewalls are flexible since no mortar is used in their construction; therefore, if the earth shifts, the walls may move along. However, this also implies that the construction is important, particularly the area in the middle of the wall packed with stones. A structural vulnerability is created whenever there is any vacant space.

Because different regions have distinct stone formations, styles can also differ somewhat. On the other hand, the process that must be followed to construct a stonewall is virtually identical worldwide. There are no foundations for the dry stonewalls that are being constructed. Because the wall gradually becomes narrower from the base upwards and inwards, the width of the base will directly correlate to the height of the wall. Then, each course has to be built up, ensuring that the stones are correctly graded to fit together in harmony.


If it is constructed correctly from the start, a dry stonewall has the potential to survive for hundreds of years, if not longer. However, this is dependent on the stone.

If an oolitic limestone is employed, the structure will deteriorate much more quickly, maybe within a hundred years. Because granite is a tougher and more long-lasting stone, the period will be significantly longer in other parts of Australia where it is present because it is present there.

Cost of Dry Stonewall

The cost of constructing a wall out of dry stone will be significantly higher than the cost of constructing a wall out of any of the other available choices. But as of right now, there has been a significant increase in demand for this trade due to the beauty of the walls and the current resurrection of historic talents.

Functions Beyond Aesthetics

The dry stonewall may be transformed into a genuine eye-catcher with the correct planting, and it can also provide a suitable habitat for many insects that are helpful to the ecosystem. Dry stonewalls not only serve as essential habitats for a wide variety of plants and animals, but they also have the potential to serve as a connection between greater regions of different ecosystems. They are of special significance to lichens, mosses, ferns, and other invertebrates. Several bird species, such as tits, choose to nest in dry stonewalls.

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