Things You Need to Know About Stonework and Walling Using Castlemaine Spalls

28 February 2020

Castlemaine Spalls is a type of dry stone construction that has been around for centuries. It has been used to construct houses, fences, entry pillars, garden edges and retaining walls, and its continued application can be observed up to this day. Dry stone construction is best known in the context of stone walls, traditionally used for the boundaries of fields and churchyards, or as retaining walls for terracing. Still, dry stone sculptures, buildings, bridges, and other structures also exist. Dry stone construction, such as Castlemaine spalls, provide a rugged, organic and textural approach to the surface treatments available. All loose […]

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Professional Lighting Tips for Your Landscaping Project

07 February 2020

Your landscaping project will significantly improve with the right lighting. It enhances not only the beauty and curb appeal but also the safety of your home garden, walkway and entrance areas. However, there are certain instances wherein your lighting is not compatible with the overall aesthetic of your landscaping project. Below are professional lighting tips for your landscaping project. Grazing Positioning the light close to an interesting surface can bring out the texture of tree bark, a masonry wall, wood shingles or an attractive door. Grazing of smooth surfaces is not usually recommended. Shadowing Light the object from the front […]

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Swimming Pool Landscaping Benefits for Your Home

28 January 2020

Swimming pool landscaping is the process of designing the area around your pool in your backyard. It can include the presence of plants, pool fencing, paving, decking, furniture and lighting, to create a beautiful and coordinated backyard area around the pool. A good quality swimming pool landscaping excels in aesthetic appeal, safety and functionality. If done right, it also significantly improves every homeowner’s lifestyle by utilising their swimming pools’ full potential. Below are other swimming pool landscaping benefits for your home.  Swimming Pool Landscaping Makes Outdoors More Attractive One of the major benefits of a swimming pool is that it […]

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Transform your Backyard into an Aesthetically Pleasing Outdoor Area by Adding Water Features

14 January 2020

Water generally symbolises wealth and abundance when used as a garden feature. This is the common reason why most homeowners chose to incorporate water features into their backyard. However, water details can go beyond attracting luck and money, it can also transform your outdoor living space into an aesthetically pleasing backyard. Below are some ideas on how you can do so. River Design Some people think that a river design will not be appropriate for backyards with limited space. However, you can utilise the space – no matter the size – if you just get creative with what you have. […]

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Make the Best Out of Your Outdoor Living in Melbourne with the Best Landscaping Ideas

16 December 2019

Melbourne boast of its dynamic metropolis coupled with an exciting city centre. The city is known for its many laneways, cultural diversity, excellent dining options for all budgets, and amazing street art. Moreover, the place prides upon its inner-city neighbourhoods that are full of unique character – especially from the outside, thus, making Melbourne residents known for making the best out of their outdoor living. Fortunately, you can do so too with the best landscaping ideas. Beautify your Outdoors with Decorations You can never go wrong with adding a few decorations to make your outdoor space look better. You can […]

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