4Main Things to Consider for Your Pool Landscaping Plan

September 14, 2021

Pools are often considered to be one of the most valuable outdoor features that homeowners may possess due to their outstanding appearance and functions.

The main purpose of adding a pool is to allow occupants to swim and spend their spare time conducting recreational activities. Accompanying the purposes of the pool is the benefits it can bring. With a beautifully designed pool area, a homeowner can expect a significant boost on their property value. 

But to further enhance the value of the pool area, a pool landscaping plan can be designed and carried out by the homeowner alongside a reliable contractor. If you are currently planning on adding a beautiful and functional pool landscape, then here are some things that you should consider.

  1. Living Conditions

One notable mistake that homeowners often commit is to pick plants and trees based on their overall looks alone. While the appearance of your pool can significantly improve with beautiful looking greeneries, they may not survive the surrounding conditions of your area. Being enticed by beautiful plants or trees from other countries or areas may be inevitable, but it is truly not practical. As the property owner, you should research the ideal living conditions of plants and trees first before obtaining them. You may even consider getting native plants and trees as they can surely survive in your area.

  • Sunlight Intensity

Your swimming pool is intended to make the swimming experience comfortable. But if its surroundings and the water itself tend to get too hot, then your pool might be receiving too much sunlight. To ensure that your pool can still provide a great outdoor experience, you must think of ways on providing your pool with adequate shade. You may integrate trees and awnings to the pool surroundings and position them properly so they can strategically prevent the sun from shining directly to your pool area. Knowing the sunlight pattern can help you know the perfect placement for the shade elements.

  • Roots of the Plants

Plants and trees do not only grow up, but they also grow and expand underground. Their roots ensure that they can obtain an adequate supply of nutrients and water. If your chosen plants and trees, however, have aggressive root systems, then their roots might eventually damage your pool components. Opting for suitable plants and trees with small root systems is much preferable for your convenience. Potted plants can also be a safe choice to add greens to your pool landscape.

  • Harmful Qualities

The last thing that you need to consider for your pool landscaping plan is the overall qualities of your chosen plants, trees, and other softscape elements. Your pool must not only be appealing and functional, but it must also provide safety to you, your family, and guests. Greeneries that are full of thorns can be dangerous near the pool since some of you might touch or step on them accidentally, which is why they must be avoided. Plants and trees that attract bees and other pollinators must also not be placed near the pool since they might hurt you and other people. For your pool landscaping needs, you can always call us at Tuckerman Landscaping & Design.

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