4 Primary Benefits of Installing Timber Backyard Decking on Your Home Property

October 25, 2021

Home properties are meant to give a comfortable space for families and their guests. Hence, most homeowners would pick elements that can certainly boost the cosiness of their place without sacrificing overall appeal, security, value, and other factors.

One element that can boost the appeal, security, and functionality of home properties is backyard decking. Mostly beneficial for properties with spacious outdoor areas, a backyard decking is a type of outdoor feature that is constructed outdoors and is connected to the building. It is comprised of a flat stable surface that can support the weight of people and other things on the said outdoor feature. One popular material that is used in constructing the backyard decking is timber.

Opting for a timber backyard decking on your home property can give you the following benefits.

  1. Enhance Square Footage

One of the known benefits of installing timber backyard decking on your home property is that it can enhance your overall square footage. With a timber backyard decking, it can serve as an extension for your property, which can grant you a more usable outdoor space compared to leaving it untouched. Given the structure of the decking, it will provide you and others a walkable area. It can even be filled with furniture pieces, planter boxes, and other outdoor features to make it useful and appealing.

  • Provide a Storage Space

Another great benefit of having a timber backyard decking on your property is that it can grant you additional storage space. Sometimes, your indoor storage space is already full of things you may or may not need in the future. You may not be able to use the walkable area of your decking as your temporary storage space. However, you may use its bottom portion as your new storage area. Patio cushions, plastic containers, garden equipment, and others can be effectively stored in this specific area.

  • Develop a Gathering Place

As mentioned earlier, a timber backyard decking has a solid build quality that allows it to sustain the weight of the people and load above. So, even with the addition of cosy seating and dining area, the whole timber backyard decking will remain stable throughout its service life. This feature allows you to develop a new gathering place, which makes it even perfect as it is situated outdoors. With a timber backyard decking, new spaces for entertainment and networking can be generated in your home.

  • Improve Property Privacy

One more benefit of adding a timber backyard decking on your property is that it can boost your home privacy. A backyard decking that is made from timber can boast physical features and form factors that can improve the privacy and even security of your home. It can be constructed alongside poles so that a balcony can be generated. It can even go with awnings and fencing panels to effectively deter intruders from attempting to enter and take your valuable possessions away.

If you want to obtain a timber backyard decking on your home property, you can call us at Tuckerman Landscaping & Design.

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