4 Landscape Lighting Mistakes that Your Outdoor Area Should Avoid

September 29, 2021

A landscape can truly change the way a property looks and functions. With the integration of a well-designed landscape, a property may obtain additional outdoor spaces that can be utilised during outdoor dining events, celebrations, and others. It can likewise attain a natural view and offer health benefits to property occupants. This specific feature can also boost the value of the property.

If your home currently has a landscape feature, then you can certainly enjoy and attain its accompanying benefits. But one factor that can ruin its overall appearance and functions is bad lighting. A landscape with bad lighting might devastate its beautiful features and can even affect one’s health.

When thinking of adding landscape lighting to your outdoor area, here are some common lighting mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Maximising Wrong Light Fixtures

One of the most common landscape lighting mistakes that your outdoor area should avoid is maximising wrong light fixtures. You see, not all landscape light fixtures are similar. Some may be best used for lighting up pools, while others can look mesmerising when combined with trees and other greeneries. There are even lights that are compatible with pathways and driveways. Putting random lights on your landscape will not only make it look bad, but it can also waste a lot of energy.

  • Consuming Too Much Power

Design-wise, you may have incorporated the correct type of light fixtures into your outdoor area. However, if you have not checked the total amount of power they would consume during their operations, you may be surprised at how expensive your future energy bills would be. Consuming too much power can be a costly mistake when designing your landscape lighting. It may likewise put your power supply and connections at risk of overloading, which can be dangerous over time.

  • Ignoring Material Composition

Another crucial mistake that you should avoid when planning for your landscape lighting is to ignore the materials used by the light fixtures. Given the surrounding conditions of your outdoor area, your light fixtures should be able to withstand various damaging elements. Opting for light fixtures with ferrous metals will only cost you a lot since they tend to corrode when exposed to moisture and other corrosive elements. Going for fixtures with non-ferrous metals may help your landscape lighting last for years.

  • Positioning the Lights Poorly

One more landscape lighting mistake that you should avoid for your outdoor area is to position the light fixtures without any appropriate planning. Lights may truly illuminate key areas of your landscape. However, they must be positioned and placed strategically so that the area can be illuminated in a great way. Positioning the light fixtures poorly will only generate shadows that will only hide your landscape features. Bad lighting placement can also lead to glare, which can irritate your neighbours.

If you need help in designing and installing landscape lighting, feel free to call us at Tuckerman Landscaping and Design. Our landscaping services in Melbourne are driven by our objective to meet client’s goals and provide a professional and high-quality service that creates a balance between the environment and your needs.

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